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StockBuz posted a blog post
I found this interesting (the rise) however I have my own reservations because of the possible change in rates and inflation in 2017.  When inflation rises, interest rates also normally rise to maintain real rates within an appropriate range. PE rat…
StockBuz posted a blog post
Rules and regulations exist to let us know what behaviors we should expect from the people we do business with. Sometimes, good sense or social convention overtake these rules — and they don’t matter so much. Just about everyone wears seat-belts the…
StockBuz posted a blog post
Facebook is getting into a new type of networking.
The social media giant said this week that it is rolling out new features in the US and Canada to let businesses post job openings, and prospective workers find and apply to them through Facebook. “…
StockBuz posted a blog post
A parade of up-and-coming musicians from Universal Music took the stage at the Ace Hotel in downtown Los Angeles Saturday in a pre-Grammy Awards performance for a room full of the executives who will make or break their careers.
Talent bookers from…
Feb 13
Companies are waiting for tax policy and regulations to diminish http://insight.factset.com/earningsinsight_02.10.17
Money flows and how the US economy could thrive if Trump did 'this'. (video) http://bit.ly/2lsAx5k
StockBuz posted a blog post
Crude oil has a tendency to bottom in mid-February and then rally through July with the bulk of the seasonal move ending in late April or early May. It is that early February low that can give traders an edge by buying ahead of a seasonally strong p…
Feb 8
Investing w/Trump by Seth Klarman http://nyti.ms/2lliP0y
CME does their part for the market and lowers margin rqmts in many sectors (not all) http://bit.ly/2jD3Xxt
StockBuz posted blog posts
Feb 2
Housing. It won't end well https://twitter.com/epomboy/status/826433694973960192/photo/1
StockBuz posted a chart
Jan 30
Gold seasonality; I'd rather be short http://stockbuz.net/charts/gold-seasonality?context=category-Season...
"Wall" stocks according to s/a: MLM, VMC, GVA, TTEK, X, NUE, STLD, FLR, KBR, GEO, CXW
StockBuz posted blog posts
Jan 24
StockBuz posted a chart
Risk is limited here.  Calls could work as well as common.  Sell and take a hit below todays low.  3-6 month hold. Target around $77.   There's a small open gap near May 2015.  Could be drawn there,  If it doesn't work, it's Trump fear.  Plain and s…
Jan 23
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