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Banks Breathe A Sigh Of Relief

While the market continues to digest yesterdays' comments from new Fed Chairwoman Janice Yellen that rates will begin to rise possibly as early as six months after tapering is complete (mid-2015 rather than late 2015), banks are definitely yelling pahtay with big gains across the financial sector today.

Even $C (who I normally detest) is attempting to breakout of a beautiful double bottom pattern. 

Like it or not, banks will be more willing to lend in a rising rate environment and let's face it; it's tough to make a buck when you're lending at 3%.  I would imagine this will be good for broker/dealers as well although not shown here.  Now if only we could get Congress to do away with that pesky transaction tax…

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Daily Reads

  • Don't tell Twitter but Women dominate social media (Infographic)
  • Rent vs Buy.  Based on tax bracket, what areas are cheaper to rent? Trulia interactive Map
  • Quite a few bearish engulfing charts in the major Spyder ETFs.  If you're not hedged you should be. Grid charts
  • 3D Systems ($DDD) teams up with the White House and D.O.D. to provide access for the mfg. industry to the…

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15 Tech Companies That Will Define 2014

Of no surprise is that many of these names are in the phone/tablet and cloud arena.  One however that I am very interested in watching is the lawsuit between Aereo and large broadcasters (FOX, CMCSA, CBS and DIS).  Little, tiny underdog Aereo won the initial round in court however an appeal to the Supreme court ruling later this year is a make or break for broadcasters who typically do not charge for local channels for those with antennaes. …

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Of Shippers And Debt on Germany's Doorstep

Shippers have actually become a drawer stock. As difficult as that may be to comprehend given their debt, the financial crisis forced them to become much more streamlined and economical in terms of transportation. Truth is many container ships that were built pre-2009 are now simply uneconomical to operate. Depending on the ship, some cannot even generate enough income to cover their operating costs. As it turns out, the German banks, for the most part, actually make the capital guarantee part of their loan commitment. The investors lose 100% of their money but are able to walk away, kind of like defaulting US homeowners can in most states. The banks take the loss. Sure, they own the ships, but most are basically so much scrap metal, destined for dismantling in India, Pakistan, or Bangladesh.

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Rising From The Ashes: Yes $BDI


This in follow up to my February post pondering if the shipping index had bottomed which was most definitely chucked in to the round file by most as the market has become convinced the industry is dead.  I still beg to differ.

Being a big believer in moving averages, if I see a stock or Index with rising moving averages, I take it as a sign of buying within a name.  That being said, if I see falling longer term moving averages (100d and 200d), that to me signals trouble; stay away or short any pop.  However when I see longer term MA's flattening.......my curiosity is peaked from a bottom fishing point of view.  My first thought…

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