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First, if you are going to criticize something...be prepared to offer solutions/remedies to what your criticizing...Otherwise you are just a wind-bag-arm-chair-critic! I have a plan to put about 400,000 people to work in the next two months time. With no more than a signature of a pen.There's roughly about 140,000* gas stations (70% of them having convenience stores and gas stations) in the USA. Now, only in New Jersey and Oregon is it illegal to pump/dispense your own gas at the station. Thus requiring a filling attendant to put gas in your automobile.Well, if we, meaning individual states governors of the states that dont have them self service laws. Enact similar laws....no....I change that to town ordinances...I say ordinances because this could be started by municipalities passing city ordinances to do this first..citing local unemployment #'s and blithe and economic hardships...to get the legal ball rolling...And make gas stations hire workers to fill tanks. Albeit they will be low paying jobs....They are still much needed jobs in a time of crisis. I am once again reminded of Judge Smails line of "the world needs ditch digger also Danny" quote for relevance. We can compensate the small business owners who hire new employees for this..... a massive first 5 year tax credit incentive for every new hire(s). The municipality can also offer property tax incentives for new hires for say 3 years or so. Tax cuts and Jobs....winner winner chicken dinner there! On Bothsides of the isle and even up middle.We pass laws all the time to stimulate economic growth or in this case....just economic stability. The list is long...some recent hits include...the hands free cell phone industry...laws that were passed making it illegal to drive and talk..thus powering the Blue tooth industry....and there is the new HD TV laws...and the phase out of the transmission of TV signal and receiving it with the ollll rabbit ear antenna....thus forcing you to go out and purchase a cable provider to watch TV.....lol...They make ya pay for the propaganda message....Wow they are slick...The best crooks I ever knew...and I have known a TON in my life. That is called a political economy and is indicative/symptomatic of Marxism and Communism. Thats just the facts...not my opinion. So they should get busy being the socialist they are....stop living in denial...and get busy doing some radical steps to at least give the appearance they are attempting to help the people. And stop peeing on my leg and telling me it's raining. Your insulting what little intelligence I appear to have.steve goffNovember 21, 2009

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