Bitchin' Like Maude

I've been moving recently; hence no posts, charts, etc.  More exactly my son wished to get his own place (yay!) and with my lease expiring, I eyed a different unit with a much larger living area, kitchen and bedroom.  I've always wanted a loft and here was my opportunity.  The timing couldn't be more perfect with cool weather cooperating.   What was not perfect was the service of uHaul ($UHAL) when it came to accessing a storage area, or that of Time Warner Cable ($TWC) who (of course) assured me I'd have live service.  It's not rocket science guys.  We're not asking you to solve world hunger nor come up with a cure for Cancer.  Merely have the codes entered into the computer so one can access their storage unti and check the friggin' cable lines like a good little boy.  Your apologies are worthless.  Please allow me to raise an eyebrow and tell you off with a scathing rant that'll make your eyes water and give you nightmares for years in your little, crappy office with a space heater and shitty desk fan; then apologize later and blame it on my meds. 

I'm getting too old for this crap and I certainly should know better than to have faith in service that actually delivers.  I'd short them both to infinity and hire lobbyists to help me destroy them in Congress............if I had Buffett's money.

Needless to say I've missed several days of charting and trades, I'm sore in places I forget existed and as my daughter put it "Mom, you're crankier than Maude on the rag". 

Why don't they deliver on their promises?  Call Centers follow up to see if you wish a reservation.  Why don't they call to see if the service if working?   Why, oh why don't they have a service that can pack everything (and unpack) for me outside of Beverly Hills?  Maybe I'm learning why some elderly (like Maude) are so cranky.  Because people suck.  Next time they can carry me out feet first. 

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