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Innovation? A Watershed Event

As I read this morning's offering, I thought not of next week's trade or the possibility for growth next year but much further down the road.  I pondered the future for my children and my children's children.  All I have to say is I pray they stay in school. -kos

IBM's Ai project Watson “now applying for jobs at call centers, and getting them. In finance, and in law, and getting them.” - MIT’s Erik Brynjolfsson


When Growth Hits Zero

A Carter-era text called The Zero Sum ­Society, suggests a grim dystopia that emerges once economic growth hits zero point zero, at which moment to gain anything........................requires that you take it from somebody else. “Once you start to think about growth,” the Nobel laureate Robert Lucas has said, “it is hard to think about anything else.”

What if

The global economic slump that we have endured since 2008 might not merely be the consequence of the burst housing bubble, or financial entanglement and overreach, or the coming

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