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The Entrepreneurial Spirit And Innovation

I enjoy showing stories such as this with my children.  Not only to possibly spark the idea in their mind that they too, could one day become an small business owner but that technology and innovation can transform any business and continue to change each and every day.  They could be the next Henry Ford or Steve Jobs.  Look at the first airplane and compare it to a modern stealth fighter.  The first telephone to smart phones where we hold mini computers in our hand and communicate to the other side of the globe within seconds, no wires needed.   Never stop learning.  Never cease looking for ways to improve the way things are done.  In America, we are so extremely fortunate to have access to the education to achieve whatever we wish.  They sky is the limit.  The resources are there.  One only has to go for it.

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1290832?profile=RESIZE_320x320A view of the the NFIB survey and wage growth gives a hint of what may lie ahead in the wage sector.  Consumer spending dropped $7 in June which surprised many. 


While Americans' spending in June was generally on par or lower than their average May spending, this month's $7 drop is one of the largest recorded by Gallup during this time of year since 2008, when June spending fell by $10. The June 2008 spending average of $104 is still the highest average for that month in Gallup's six-year trend.

Can it be the new jobs being created (majority at the low end) is weighing on consumers pocketbook?  #shocker!  But what about the spending of the wealthy lifting all boats?  You know; that good old trickle down effect?

According to Econoday, the drop in daily spending among all Americans can largely be attributed to upper-income Americans spending less in June. Could the wealthy be running low on things to buy?  Yes sarcasm on my part but a drop is not what any

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Small Business Growth And Outsourcing

We tend to think of outsourcing as being overseas call centers and phone assembly in China however that's not necessarily the case anymore; especially when it comes to small business.  One has to wonder just how much small businesses think of outsourcing as a business advantage or requirement in order to grow.  This cute slideshare laid it out in simple, easy to understand terms and got my mind to thinking...........

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