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  • That all-cash position caused me to miss the last half of that 2009-11 rally. Even 25 years of experience can't help some people keep from doing dumb things. But I'm licking my chops for another opp.
  • Admin
    Al cash *is* a position and I cannot blame you your decision. With little to slow growth on the horizon, I 100% agree that little to no interest earnings is better than a loss. .If not daytrading, I'd be on the sidelines as well.
  • One of my relatives, who just recently graduated from business college, has bought a big chunk of farm land in the flat mid-west. I plan to plow at least some of the proceeds from my stock market/options profits into his new agri-business.
  • For the first time since i began in 1985, i am now completely out of the markets. Today i sold even my "drawer" stocks: GR and DOW, each for a significant profit. I have "left the table" until i see at least some resolving of the current quagmire. The cash will earn an interest rate near zero. But even zero is better than loss.
    If anyone has any guidance, it would be greatly appreciated.
  • Went long on X at $48 and change. Had a chance to gain $4 per share on X...for about half a day.
    Guessing that today we test the intraday lows from the day of the "flash crash". That'd be about 1075 for SPX. Iff we bounce up off 1075, i'd scale in on some more X, but be more nimble, no longer expecting a 20% gain, settling for a high-single digits gain maybe.
    BZH had not yet gone low enough ($5) for me to buy it before it rallied to nearly $6 yesterday. But if BZH goes as low as $5 today, i'd take an initial long position on it iff SPX bounces off 1075.
    NFLX probably goes below $100 today. Would buy NFLX iff SPX bounces off 1075.
    But if there's no bounce off 1075, i sit on my hands regarding any longs..
  • Admin
    Al perfect timing! You posted BZH and today an upgrade to *buy* @ Citigroup. Ran to 5.92 Awesome call.
  • Admin
    Al, thanks for the update and ideas! I missed your perspective and insight.

    Regarding BZH, you're not concerned that it may head lower given the expiration of the homebuyer tax credit and the existing home supply that's out there? o/c those with money will probably continue to build b/c they can afford to do so. BZH Volume has been huge since the end of April and I wonder if that 200d will hold [although they did get a nice bounce today]. I'm so conflicted with this sector. They [builders] have suffered so badly since '08. Maybe $5 is the bottom for these guys at this point? I'm certain you've got much more insight into their value than I.
  • No pics, but if ya wanna gain 20%, here are my proposals:
    If X goes below $50, buy, as it can easily rebound to $60. Even Chanos says China can grow its way out of its real estate bubble.
    If BZH goes down to $5, buy with an initial $6 target, as housing is boyant from here.
    If NFLX goes below $100, buy with a $120 target, as this is one of the few remaining high-growth prospects in this higher-tax outlook.
  • createimg.php?psi=rsi&issue=DNDN&type=16&period=1&chartwanted=256&chartwidth=450&chartheight=300&points=90&name=Dendreon&parent=NC_HLTH&parentname=NC%20Health&level=ISSUE"/img>
  • <a href=http://equitytrader.com/common/createimg.php?psi=rsi&issue=DNDN&type=16&period=1&chartwanted=256&chartwidth=450&chartheight=300&points=90&name=Dendreon&parent=NC_HLTH&parentname=NC%20Health&level=ISSUE"/>

    Bought DNDN pre-market on 3/2/10 at $29.91, and 8% drop from yesterday. Prostate cancer is a huge problem. And DNDN may get FDA approval by May. 4% stop. Go figure risk/reward 4%/30%
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