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Wow! are they ever hyping the impact/importance of the NEXT unemployment numbercoming. It's not as "paradigm shifting" as they make it. Regardless of what is shows or not. It's a drummedup/conjured to suite fit number....Agreed or disagree? They act like it's goingto end all problems on slightest statistically anomaly pimple. It dont change the factpeople are living longer ....and by default working longer/later into life to keep w/ rampantrise in cost of living....All while technology efficiency and automation and corporateprofit seeking to appease the "Masses" takes away(exponentially) the jobs neededto maintain.... let alone thrive and grow a vital economy. Thats the trade off with risinglife expectancy due to exponential advancements in medicine that keep peoplealive longer. Some say we as a species are on the cusp of immortality. Imaginewhat unemployment numbers will be then!I remember Judge Smails from 1980's cult classic "Caddy Shack"...when Danny was sucking up to him for the Law School Scholarship....he said..."wellllllllll the world needs ditch diggers too Danny".....lol Problem is nowadays it dont take as nearly many people to dig ditches and not everyone can be a lawyer or a doctor.......and we have a population growing exponentially that needs ditch digger jobs so to speakhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cwYJxNnABp4I always knew the publicly released unemployment numbers dont represent nor fail to calculate into the real deal in this country. I just thinkthis is a "statistical anomaly bump" before a more precipitous increase innumbers/rates. They dont allow or even consider the massive hiring going on forthe taking of the 10 year census. Million of govt created job here..... Or theinevitable Holiday after layoffs that are certain to come. And with the passageof legislation to allow people to collect unemployment benefits for 99 weeks isjust preposterous and not an incentive for people to seek new work. It is aproven fact that folks who collect unemployment do not actively seek work untilthey have exhausted their benefits in full. and then there is the large picturewith regards to future employment in this country and the world for thatmatter....let me get ya that thesis.... See MoreI personally always knew the official unemployment % numbers were totalbull-crap. And am in no shock about the bogus job creation numbers from stimulusthat the govt just fessed up to. Mere propaganda to keep the markets up and theworld feeling better about the HUGE USA debt!...lets always remeber and neverforget > Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics!I wonder when the Govt will just come out and say "the unemployment rates willbe ever increasing from here on".Mainly due to life expectancy increasing exponentially and advancements inmedical technology and in automation (robots/computers) People are living and bynecessity working to survive longer than everAll while robotics/automation/corporate profit seeking (outsourcing) reduces theamount of vital jobs to survive and maintain an economy more and more people andless and less jobs...is a recipe for social and economic disaster!some respected scientist say the we as a human species are on the cusp ofimmortality. I believe that!....Ya have to be pretty messed up nowadays for themnot to be able to put ya back together. (Brains hangingout...maybe...lol)....heck just the invention and implantation of penicillinadded years to the average life expectancy within first ten years into humanrace.Exponential growth and its "side effects" can not be overlooked or ignored orconcealed from the less enlightened or educated. "Side effects" consisting ofdepletion of planets resources."November 10 at 7:38pm

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    Enjoyed your blog post Steve, even with the type-Os. *lol* Improved longevity, automation, rising costs hitting margins and a growing world population; and now Tyler Durden brings concerns now that the gov't is underestimating the true unemployment rate http://bit.ly/6FoATu It's all going to he** in a handbasket; one lined with more of that fresh money that Ben's printed.
  • Regarding life expectancy and people working longer. I have been tangentially involved in the public school system. I see these folks reach the age of retirement, usually age 55, and immediately take advantage of their generous retirement packages (includes health care). We are increasing government employees, these circumstances should not effect the life expectancy aspect of the thesis. I wonder how the numbers are swayed given government employees can retire quite young.

    Good to see you Goff. By the way I have finished the electrical on my remodel and am now drywalling!
  • sorry for typos and grammer...this was a test draft....I will correct later
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