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Spruce Up Your Home Without Hiring a Professional

Depending on the condition of your home, the list of upgrades required to make it the home of your dreams might seem daunting and impossible to complete on your own.  Hiring a professional is not always a bad idea, especially when major work needs to be done to make a home safe to reside in.  But many times hiring a professional is not necessary if all the home needs is some tender love and care from its owners.  So before scouring the internet for the best contractor in your area, first determine how many of the upgrades you can complete on your own.
Why do-it-yourself projects are worth the time
You might have the skills to complete home improvement projects on your own, but have little time to do so.  You might have even heard rumors that do-it-yourself projects can be even more costly than hiring a professional to complete the projects.  You might be limited on time, so hiring a professional seems ideal. So why should you even bother trying to do the upgrade projects on your own? Rumors are rumors and it has been proven time and again that DIY projects are constantly saving homeowners money.  According to This Old House, if homeowners take the time to create a solid plan of what they want the finished project to look like, DIY projects can only cost a few hundred dollars at the most.
The power of paint
No matter the condition of a room, you can always make it look like new with a fresh coat of paint and some new crown molding.  Today’s style is to be creative with crown molding in order to give a room depth.  Leave the crown molding painted white and accent it with a neutral color that stands out just enough to give a room character.  Thanks to the internet you definitely do not need a professional to come paint your home.  Instead, take the time to make your home look like it was painted by a professional for a much lower cost by simply doing a little research on how to achieve the look you want.
Unique upgrades that add character
If you are looking to add some spice to your home to make it unique, there are several projects that can accomplish that goal such as adding a runner to your staircase instead of installing carpet.  Find vintage light fixtures or other décor at the thrift store that can easily be touched up and look like you purchased them at top dollar.  Instead of ripping out old wood flooring, paint it to give it personality and save you the money it would cost to install new wood floors, tile, or carpet.  If your windows are looking a little drab, but installing new blinds is out of the question, consider interior shutters that add a unique look as well as allow in as much light as you please without the hefty cost attached.
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