First let me state, It's not my deliberate intention to make supportive case for the rampantly growing
already, and bursting at the proverbial seams, laced with redundant, inadequate, and antiquated govt jobs,
Super Bureaucracy of today. That to include it becoming any overbearing, oppressive, Orwellian,
and Nanny State Day Care-ish, that's already now! Yet, I am understanding or of the mindset. That eventually technology will shrink the bureaucracy considerably fold. Thus yielding a correction to the parabolic growth rate it has been in and executing now. No parabolic growth is sustainable indefinitely. And the Masses will soon realize that alot can be done with less in today's real/live time interconnected world.

Second, I am going to try and demonstrate throughout, that the exponential advancements in technology made
thus far, will not only allow us to do this, but undeniably require it at some point. That being taking a
REAL/LIVE time, monthly micro economic management and observation, and adjustments if need be,
readings/metrics, and the social temperaments by default, gauge of our country. I am also going to be
replacing the word "country" with "species" from this point on. For it is to me, the the true representative metric and literary reference of our planets occupants and participants. And the stars and Worlds beyond some day, who knows!. It's just a matter on their part, of convincing the Masses, that it's in their best interest to do so. I believe we're seeing and have been since, what I am going to call for effect, and to keep you reading further, The "Technological Holocaust" began. With the mass implementation now of the hand held device industry. Were are almost undeniably there. And have definitely making a noticeable leap from infancy.

Also throughout this read, some of it's content and tone is going to be erily similar and directly reminiscent to some I am sure who might read it, of the Holocaust, and other genocidal periods of ruling parties/leaders of Great Societies past. These are going to be comparisons and observations via my understanding and logic. And is in no way meant to be anti-Semitic or any other anti anything, on my behalf. Religion means nothing to me. I could care less what your personal beliefs are or are not. And to fight war and shed blood over such, is just preposterous and ludicrous to me. And if an enemy came at me with a god or deity as their causes or reasons. Well, I say you must then be annihilated, cause you are screwing up the gene pool contribution. Also once again a case for support will not be intentionally made
by me for any genocidal actions. Yet I will be touching on population control and the effects of exponential growth and some of it social side effects later on within. Also I dont want this to be viewed or thought a manifesto. Yet the Blog World we live in today not only allows us, but encourages it. We all
write manifestos everyday unwittingly, when ya think about. I will elaborate and tie that to this read
also. How our collective consciousness is being molded, refined, harvested every second. And will certainly play a big roll in our future as a species under rule. Just like In Orwell's 1984 and the "Think Boxes" That were thought to be the Televisions of the past. Based upon them having capabilities to monitor your viewing habits/preferences (Nielsen rating infancy). Well, now today that has morphed into the Computing age. They are the Think Boxes on

Also as for assignment of electoral representation of delegates that stem from Census. That could be comprised of an average of over 4 years demographics. Calculated from very acute metrics.

I am also going to be elaborating on the National ID Card theory that will ultimately be a held held device or chip biometric, that will hold everything from personal finances to medical records to your security status/threat on this planet. How eerily similar is that in context to the tattooed numbers Hitler put on Jews arms?....not far I tell ya. No need for a tattoo when ya have everyone in lines waiting to buy a iPhone or any other device.

I will be writing more of this blog later tonight. This is just draft of what I am working on.
Any like?

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