Test Yourself. Are You A Psychopath?

Everyone knows at least one, if you ask my humble opinion.  I have a few prior salesmen and Managers I'm confident would score highly on this subject and I have no doubt that there are far more psychopaths out there than most realize exist.  I'm certain many more in certain career fields than others.  For example there's probably far more in finance than there are in nursing however that's purely my opinion.

Psychopathy is a condition that causes people to display anti-social behaviour, lack of empathy and remorse, and fearless dominance. Find out more .  This test were devised by Professor Kevin Dutton, University of Oxford. He is a best selling author and an expert on the psychopathic personality.

Psychopathy does not always lead to criminal behavior. However when psychopathy is accompanied with low social cognition, it will usually lead to pathological narcissism. This narcissism drives violence behavior towards others and triggers failure in relationship and in keeping an occupation. A psychopath never feels remorse for their actions.

Everyone has these characteristics to some degree and certainly having these traits does not a serial killer make.  In fact having the dial turned up high can actually help you succeed in life. 

I scored 39% so apparently my friends and relatives are safe from any dastardly deeds being perpetrated.  Though my conscience is in the right place I also have a pragmatic streak and generally aren’t afraid to do my own dirty work.  I'm no shrinking violet - but no daredevil either. I generally have little trouble seeing things from another person’s perspective but, at the same time, are no pushover. ‘Everything in moderation – including moderation’ might sum up your approach to life.

Take the test and find out where you (or your partner) sit on the spectrum.


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