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Upgrading Your Kitchen on a Budget

When updating your home, you should always start in the kitchen.  The kitchen is arguably where most of a homeowner’s time is spent, and therefore should be able to cater to all the needs of the homeowner, while keeping up with the latest décor styles.  Perhaps the most difficult part of updating a kitchen is the cost behind most necessary kitchen upgrades.  The expense is definitely enough to cause homeowners to give up on the project, but before throwing in the towel, there are several ways you can upgrade your kitchen without the hefty cost.  All it takes is a little time and effort.  Here are a few affordable kitchen upgrades that you should consider.  

Counters and appliances

Countertops and appliances are the most expensive upgrades to make in a kitchen, but they are a worthwhile investment.  If you can afford stainless steel appliances, or granite countertops, these upgrades with substantially increase the value of your home as well as keep your kitchen feeling upgraded over time.  Unfortunately, because these upgrades are so pricey, they are not always in the budget, but that does not mean you should give up on upgrading your kitchen.  There are several tools that can give your kitchen just as much of an upgraded look as new appliances and countertops.  Consider installing a new kitchen faucet that is stainless steel, and gives an upgraded feel.  Minor changes like this have a way of making a kitchen feel brand new without the cost of a brand new kitchen.  

Kitchen storage

Kitchens never seem to have enough storage space, no matter how big the cabinets and pantries are.  Make your kitchen feel upgraded by using organization tools such as drawer organizers, stylish baskets and canisters which are all affordable and can give that upgraded vibe you are searching for.  Consider installing pull out shelves so your kitchen items are easily accessible.  If there is room in your budget, and you need more kitchen space, consider knocking down a wall to give your kitchen an open feel, or to install an island with more cabinet and seating space.  Ample kitchen storage can make a kitchen feel upgraded even without all the bells and whistles.  

Adding style and flair

Nothing says upgraded like the latest décor trends, however, do not rush to the nearest retail store to pick up the newest décor because you will end up spending way more than necessary.  Trust your creativity and talent, because most of the latest décor can be made on your own for a much cheaper cost.  The best part about spending less by making your own décor is that when décor styles change, you can keep up without feeling like you wasted money.  Other affordable updates would be to change the hardware on your cabinets, or painting the walls a new color.  

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Source: diynetwork.com/photo/after%3a-contemporary-kitchen

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