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One of the most important lessons I learned in business is that a personal recommendation is more valuable and more trusted than any advertising or promotion in the world; and it's true. That's what our badge is all about.

You'll notice this little box on our Main page saying "Do You StockBuz?". By clicking on this badge, you will be allowed to customize a badges size and color to embed in your blog, webpage, other forums or sites you navigate each day as evidence you enjoy your experience here and wish to turn others on to it.

I hope you are enjoying our new home as much as I and I hope you will use this badge to help us grow, as we build a new home for other investors just like us, sharing from across the globe with different interests and levels of expertise. Thank you for being part of our community and spread the word. Do You StockBuz?

Added 3/30/10: I have…

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UNG Hourly Chart

Since some of you trade NG and UNG, I thought I'd put some Fibonacci on it and see what it looks like. This is the hourly chart. From the 02/08 high, notice that XA drops to a previous support area. The rally AB retraces .786 of XA. The BC selloff takes out the low of XA and extends 1.618 to today's low. There is also a Fibonacci time target right here that I didn't label. It should rally from here and try to fill that gap. However, what I'm concerned about is that we closed below the Jan 28 low. Momo still down. If a rally attempt to fill the gap fails and today's low is taken out, it will probably extend 2.618 which would take it down near 8.70..

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QQQQ - Weekly Ichimoku Chart

The QQQQ's have held the red Kijun(Trend Line) for three weeks. Last week it managed to close higher after the previous weeks doji and also managed to close above the 20wk ema, a commonly used mav on Ichimoku charts. Next resistance is the light blue Tenkan line around 44.38. It looks constructive at this point although the blue 90wk mav is still ticking lower. What I would like to see next week is a move higher with a weekly close above the high of the previous red candle. I would appreciate any and all feedback.

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Pring Turner Capital Trend & Outlook

Came across this presentation @ tradersnarrative http://www.pringturner.com/newsletters/tsa.pdf and believe you would all find it very interesting as they outline where they believe the market is at and where it is headed in 2010. Doesn't make them right, but lots of good info. Short story, they believe we should be selling financials and consumer discretionary at this juncture and materials will be the place to be in 2010. At least for a while.

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Big Banks: Going Where No Bank Has Gone Before

Oh, the controvery over the proposed bank tax is getting good; get your ringside seat tickets now - they're going like hotcakes. This was my thought this morning as I awoke to this WSJ article on banks hiring a Supreme Court litigator to investigate whether the Obama administrations proposed tax is unconstitutional "because it would unfairly single out and penalize big banks. LOL Oh, put me in [office] Coach! They also don't feel they should be held accountable for the billions of losses incurred by nonbank recipients such as AIG, GM and others but one must wonder if GM would've been in the mess they found themselves in if it weren't for the economic meltdown.....but I digress. For the record I feel AIG should be included but that's not my…

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ECB - Possible EuroZone Rupture

Ashraf Laidi tweeted this early Monday morning: http://bit.ly/5zrr33. In the article Ambrose Evans-Pritchard references a legal analysis issued by the ECB analyzing what would happen if a country tried to leave the monetary union.When the EU was first proposed many, myself included, wondered aloud how economies as diverse as Portugal and Germany could be expected to adhere to the same monetary policy. When I lived in Europe decades ago, Greece, Spain, and Portugal were essentially third-world economies. We vacationed there because everything was dirt cheap. I would compare it to Mexico in the 1950's. The EU consists of haves and have-nots. Can austerity measures designed for Germany and France be implemented in Greece and Portugal? It appears we will soon find out. I would appreciate your thoughts and feedback.Sincerely,GT Ichi-O(I've always wanted to have a hyphenated last name)

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First let me state, It's not my deliberate intention to make supportive case for the rampantly growing
already, and bursting at the proverbial seams, laced with redundant, inadequate, and antiquated govt jobs,
Super Bureaucracy of today. That to include it becoming any overbearing, oppressive, Orwellian,
and Nanny State Day Care-ish, that's already now! Yet, I am understanding or of the mindset. That eventually technology will shrink the bureaucracy considerably fold. Thus yielding a correction to the parabolic growth rate it has been in and executing now. No parabolic growth is sustainable indefinitely. And the Masses will soon realize that alot can be done with less in today's real/live time interconnected world.

Second, I am going to try and demonstrate throughout, that the exponential advancements in technology made
thus far, will not only allow us to do this, but undeniably require it at some point. That being taking a
REAL/LIVE time,…

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Quant Funds & High Frequency Trading

Re: Quant funds & high frequency trading - are they the reason that there issome perception that the market takes an appearance of "climbing smooth hills"(etfs). I heard that this presented a problem for some traders. It seems to meto be the opposite (nice and smooth, some etfs). I wonder if this would at somepoint smooth out the curves on underlying stocks and might be a reason that somecomment that sometimes earnings announcements, etc. seem to get ignored in termsof market action around them, e.g. the conflict between quant fund patternperformance and fundamentally oriented models, etc. My question: for those ofyou that are familiar with the quant fund domain, is it your opinion that the"smooth" price chart forms will continue (up or down). Or, do you think thatwith a down turn (future) that some of the inverse ETFs might smoothly rise. Itseems like 2008 was an extreme situation. I was wondering if a smoother bearmarket (future) would be possible with the new funds/etfs,…

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First, if you are going to criticize something...be prepared to offer solutions/remedies to what your criticizing...Otherwise you are just a wind-bag-arm-chair-critic! I have a plan to put about 400,000 people to work in the next two months time. With no more than a signature of a pen.There's roughly about 140,000* gas stations (70% of them having convenience stores and gas stations) in the USA. Now, only in New Jersey and Oregon is it illegal to pump/dispense your own gas at the station. Thus requiring a filling attendant to put gas in your automobile.Well, if we, meaning individual states governors of the states that dont have them self service laws. Enact similar laws....no....I change that to town ordinances...I say ordinances because this could be started by municipalities passing city ordinances to do this first..citing local unemployment #'s and blithe and economic hardships...to get the legal ball rolling...And make gas stations hire workers to fill tanks. Albeit they will…

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