Unleash The Hounds. Alibaba Frenzy Month To Begin

When Jack Ma founded the Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba in 1999, one of his stated goals was to build a company that will last for at least 102 years so that it would span from the 20th to the 22nd centuries. Now with products, technology and marketing -- what Alibaba has done is a great combination of all three.

Chinese ecommerce giant Alibaba ($BABA) is expected to begin an eagerly awaited roadshow for what could be the largest ever IPO early in the week of September 8, and its shares could list as soon as September 18 or 19, according to a person familiar with the situation.

Expected to raise about $20bn when it lists on the NYSE rivaling the Agricultural Bank of China’s $22.1bn IPO from July 2010, currently the largest on record.

Alibaba’s ability to make a transition to mobile has been a focus of analysts and investors as China’s…

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Top Mobile Apps

Google certainly looks to be dominating the mobile playing field.  Good for Google or does this just open the door to fresh startups and current disruptors to look to take market share?  (more below)

Top 25 Mobile Apps by Unique Visitors

Some key questions to be answered in this area include:

  • How fast has mobile app usage been growing?
  • How often are people using apps on each device?
  • What percentage of time are consumers spending on their top apps?
  • How do iOS users differ from Android users demographically and behaviorally?
  • Which mobile app content categories are we spending most of our time consuming?
  • How do the top apps compare in different age segments?

Download the full report…

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Investment Firm Director Snake In The Grass

Companies would expect their investment firm, especially management and Senior members, to not only dissuade insider trading, but to lead by example.  Here's a complete failure.

Case in point Mr. Michael Anthony Dupre Lucarelli.  The Director of Market Intelligence at a Manhattan-based investor relations firm.  Market Intelligence?  Serious oxymoron going on there?  Maybe not an oxymoron such as "honest politician" or "almost pregnant" but snake in the grass, no doubt (allegedly).

Today the SEC charged the "Director" of insider trading by more than a dozen clients.  The charges were filed against Mr. Lucarelli alleging he garnered nearly $1 million in illicit profits.


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Countries Which Are Overvalued or Undervalued

Ask 10 different money managers what metric they use to determine if a stock (or particular market) is overvalued, and you'll more than likely receive 10 different responses.  Of course buying at "the bottom" is easier said than done, as we all know so I submit to you this perspective.

Kyle Caldwell, personal finance reporter at the Daily Telegraph, determined whether stock markets were undervalued or overvalued. Caldwell used three…

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When Bigger Isn't Better. Two Volanoes?

Last week we posted a blip about Bardabunga; the largest volcano in Iceland experiencing an enormous increase in seismic activity of late and we recapped how the 2010 volcanic eruption in Iceland paralyzed air travel, shuttering a number of airports and stranding travelers across Europe (not to mention costing airlines billions in lost revenue). 

To bring us up to date is Dem. site DailyKos which truly makes me love science even more.  Sadly, I slept through much of it as a teen.  What a fool was I.

In any case, Bardabunga is far from calming down and indicators point to it's magma chamber not only expanding, but flowing right towards...........Askja; another volcano's magma…

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Beware Old Man Winter (again?)

If the Old Farmers Almanac is even semi accurate, it looks as though it's going to be another nasty Winter - colder than last year (!) ahead thanks to the sun's activity.  According to this video (below) this forecast is nothing to shake a stick at as allegedly they have an 80% accuracy but only time will tell. 

Of course, the folks back home in Chicago will immediately roll their eyes and sigh in pure disgust and they have the right to after the "polar vortex" that rolled through the area last January.  Not only were schools shut and streets impassable but even expressways, covered with salt as fast as they could spread it, froze and brought commuters and semis to a stand still.  Supplies were cutoff across the nation and insurers definitely had to have felt the pain.

Seems I relocated to…

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Airlines Woes? Icelandic Volcano To Erupt Again?

No, not the one from April 2010 whose name no one could pronounce (Eyjafjallajokull) however a larger one (Bardarbunga) may now be heating up (pardon the pun).

In what the Meteorological Office describes as an "intense earthquake swarm," scientists registered some 2,600 earthquakes between early Saturday morning and Monday evening.

And after the strongest earthquake since 1996 was measured in the area early Monday, an orange aviation alert was posted (2nd highest alert) by Icelandic authorities -- indicating "heightened or escalating unrest with increased potential of eruption."

In 2010…

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Shipping Rates Increase; $BDI Wedge Breakout

Having felt that BDI had bottomed and recommended accumulation here, here and here it appears that $BDI came back and tested prior breakout support.  Certainly a not unexpected move.  Now, breaking out of a falling wedge, I would imaging that lower area to be tested once more where I will add further to my position in the belief that the bottom is still in and they're finally able to increase rates.

  • Drybulk shipping…

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