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StockBuz posted a blog post
The Iran conflict notwithstanding, Mr. Market will do it's best to reassure you that everything will be fine.  Only time will tell but I personally, would not want to enter any new positions here unless you're a daytrader.  Not at 20x forward earnin…
Jan 4
StockBuz posted a blog post
The idea that we are late in the economic and financial-market cycle is one that even most Wall Street bulls won’t dispute.
After all, when the economic expansion surpasses a decade to become the longest ever and the S&P 500 has delivered a compou…
Dec 7, 2019
StockBuz posted a chart
Aug 30, 2019
StockBuz posted a blog post
Since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, the world has seen its population and the need for natural resources boom.
As more people and wealth translate into the demand for global goods, the prices of commodities—such as energy, agriculture,…
Aug 2, 2019


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