Building a short position in NVDA
NTES neckline broke w/volume
TSLA who's watching?
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“Low volatility could be ‘the quiet before the storm,’” Nobel laureate Robert Shiller told CNBC last week, adding: “I lie awake worrying.” Over the past 20 years, the CBOE Volatility Index (VIX) has closed below 10 on only 21 days, 13 of which have…
Aug 7
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It’s 2025, and 800,000 tons of used high strength steel is coming up for auction.
The steel made up the Keystone XL pipeline, finally completed in 2019, two years after the project launched with great fanfare after approval by the Trump administrati…
Aug 7
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Are investors getting over the fear of Amazon dominating the retail space?  I've been watching this retail ETF since the low, hoping for a double bottom and we're nearing the breakout point.  Set your alert.  Target is shown, if not more; up to the…
Aug 5
NVDA monthly. Note how far its risen above its moving averages
Trump looking for an investigation on China trade using Section 301 of trade law. Market won't like that
TSLA HST or descending triangle. Target would be the same **IF** it breaks down on earnings tonight
Leak on yes, wireless charging on the iPhone8
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When people think of Facebook as a company, they mostly think of it synonymously with Facebook the social network. However, Facebook Inc. is much more than that, as today’s chart nicely illustrates. With WhatsApp, Instagram and of course the namesak…
Jul 27
Create Income With Option Spreads

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