Cinco de Mayo Monday Reads

Feliz Cinco de Mayo a todos mis amigos y mi familia.  Click para jugar.  Disfrutar!

  • Bond and fixed income guru Jeff Gundlach Presentation – Ira Sohn Conference 2014 Valuewalk
  • Seattle Mayor announces plan for a minimum wage hike to $15/hr.  The highest in the country.
  • You probably won't see much in MSM (main stream media) on it yet but quietly Michigan filed it's vote last week for a Constitutional Convention for the states, making it #34 =  or a majority which is required for such.  This has not occurred in over 200 years!  Why should you care?  Because it's at these conventions that Constitutional Amendments can be passed (and you're rights sneakily given away under the guise of being "good" for you).  I'm sure the balancing budget proposal and the 28th Amendment will be pushed up front of our faces however don't buy the hype.  Look deeper, investigate the proposals and make your voice heard.  Site of said Convention not yet set although Indianapolis has offered.
  • Should Pfizer acquire AstraZeneca and move its HQ to the U.K. to take advantage of the country's friendly tax regime, Pfizer (PFE) could be joined by scores of others. Accounting giants KPMG, PWC and EY are working with over 250 companies combined about relocation to the Britain, which is due to cut its corporate tax rate to 20% next year.
  • Shouldn't companies relocating overseas, then, lose their lobbying rights?  Ahem..........1st Amendment.  If Corporations are "people" as the Supreme court seems to think, one would think relocating overseas means losing their right to lobby.  Just a thought.
  • Had recommended long MON calls last Thursday in Chat on a potential H&SB or large ascending triangle.  Bail on them if price went below $109.  So far, so good.  Last weeks chart shown.  Click image to enlarge.
  • Have also been accumulating IPI near $14, risking a buck on the lot.
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